Mar 30, 2014


Making a movie is more expensive than you could ever believe - just ask our overdrafts. We did have a successful Kickstarter campaign but more funds would be so helpful. An injection of funds will make everything move so much faster. At the moment we are relying on a lot of favors, begging, borrowing and stealing so being able to pay for services insures a greater degree of quality and better final product. Of course we will make it worth your while with some tasty rewards:

$5 or more: Thank you tweet and name on donor wall 

$25 or more: Bumper sticker & Hi-res destop wallpaper

$100 or more: Pre-release DVD, plus the above.

$250 or more: Signed copy of the book, Up Pohnpei by Paul Watson, published by Profile Books UK, tickets to the premier (travel not included), plus the above.

$500 or more: A video thank you from the producers, plus the above.

$1000 or more: Associate producer credit, photo credit at end of film, plus the above. 

$2,500 or more: Free dinner with the producers (something classy), plus the above

 You can send donations to: